White ask for a clearer after not liking ball to Tomiyasu.

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White ask for a clearer after not liking ball to Tomiyasu.

Arsenal defender Ben White has cleared up speculations himself. After being criticize by many British media for UFABET not liking the ball to right -back Takehiro Tomiyasu for purely personal reasons.

“Tomi is an amazing footballer. He’s the best right-back I’ve played alongside in my entire life. So you don’t have to tell me how proud you are of this friend,” White told DAZN Japan.

“His enthusiasm, alertness and focus on the game are second to none in the English Premier League and to keep things simple, of course, accurate – they are truly world-class performance. “

“He doesn’t care how disturbing the opponent is. It is best to play according to your own game first. And the more I understand English, the more I can communicate with my teammates to understand better until there are almost no mistakes, especially when it comes to getting and passing the ball.”

“I read in the media that Ben White didn’t like to pass the ball to Takehiro Tomiyasu for personal reasons. Which needs to be correct It’s not true at all.”

“If you have a little tactical insight you will automatically know that your opponent is always going to put pressure on the right-back first. when we try to set the ball short in front of the own goal.

“Let’s say if I send to Tomi so often that I get caught on the way. That could have serious consequences, up to the point of conceding a goal. If there is a better alternative, it should be done, right? It’s not that I hate him so I don’t pass the ball. But we have reasons that we can understand each other. So don’t try to guess by yourself. It’s not good.”