Reguilon named the best Spanish footballer

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Reguilon named the best Spanish footballer of all time in the English League full position.

Tottenham Hotspur left-back Sergio Reguilon has reveal who is the best Spanish player of all time in Premier League history. England

The 25-year-old was a rising star from Real Madrid’s academy. Before joining Spurs in the summer of 2020 for a reported £27.5m by UFABET.

Although Reguilon will be give the opportunity to play for the Spanish national team only 6 games. But with the La Liga League game through the season. Including being call into the camp of the fierce bull almost all the time Therefore, he is familiar with many world-class players.

So when a reporter shoots a direct question, “According to your opinion? Who is the best Spanish footballer of all time on the English Premier League stage, in every position from goalkeeper, defender, midfield and forward?

“First of all, I would have to give David de Gea the title of the best Spanish goalkeeper. Because he was successful at Manchester United alone. Because in the national team This guy can make every defender feel more comfortable as well,” Reguilon told the Premier League Official.

“As for the players in all other positions, in that order, the defender is Cesar Azpilicueta. Midfielder, although he has played with many football gods. But I would like to give David Silva. who move back to Spain. And the striker is undoubtedly Fernando Torres.