Marsh would like to see Bielsa  charge of Leeds until the end

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Marsh would like to see Bielsa in charge of Leeds until the end of the season. Before the board decides to retire from the team.

New Leeds United manager Jesse Marsh has admit. He would rather have Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds until the end of the season than he is now taking over.

Bielsa ends four years at Leeds after the club struggle with poor performance. And became the team that conceded the most goals in the league In his last two games in charge of Leeds. 10 goals have been conceded together and that has led to a split before the end of the season. In the midst of a team situation. Who are struggling hard to survive in the Premier League reported by UFABET

Marsh has already taken over as his replacement and is set to lead the team in the first away game against Leicester City has been mentione in this regard.

“I would like to see Marcelo keep the team and be able to bring the team back. I had a conversation with Victor Orta, the chief executive of Leeds. When he call me eight days ago. I want to see him lead the team until the end of the season. But I also see that the team is in trouble.”

“Coming in to change playing tactics is a priority for me. This team is amazing. And it gives me hope that I can succeed. The first part of coming here I need to find someone. Who thinks the same way. And have a good relationship together I have faith in this team.”

“I think here there might be an issue of the American image in English football. People hate the word soccer [the American word for football]. I’m not sure if Ted Lasso can help, but I’ve been using the word soccer since I played professional football. And this is the 5th country that I’ve been in charge of the team. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in a family whose father had been working in tractor assembly plants for 32 years. Working hard was what I saw and learned. And this is a city for those who work hard for success.”