Jack Wilshere The last option could be Arsenal answer

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Jack Wilshere The last option could be Arsenal answer

Arsenal are truly entering a tipping point this season. By January 21 2022. We will know that Arsenal will only have the Premier League and Carabao Cup available for the remainder of the season.

A tragic setback with substandard performance. A recent report from UFABET the And it’s unfortunate that having to lose eight players at the same time (4 of them going to the Africa Nations Cup and four with COVID-19 + injuries) left them with a few players left in the squad. Less player changes during the game Until finally, when the work in the real 11, the work sucks, can’t be relie on The subs have no intention of changing Arteta, who doesn’t have a lot of experience in charge of the team. Stimulates the side of the field, the neck almost breaks. was unable to escape defeat

This failure was focused on two issues: 1. How bad the game is today 2. The team didn’t have enough players. especially the center Which today we will talk about the subject of the second topic.

Arsenal have always been in the news, with all due respect. Since the market in August 2021, Arsenal are already clear to buy a new striker to add to the squad. Of course, they want a player that meets their specifications.

  • Young age

· Adequate experience at the highest league level

· If you come with the national team. Will be given special consideration

· Sure, they can look and play with their system.

At the time, the highly-anticipated forward Tammy Abraham returned to Roma and Arsenal were unable to let Alexandre Lacazette and Eddie Enkethia escape, while Their midfield has bought a Belgian teenager, Zambi Lokonka, that is their August.

Arrived as of today, more than 4 months. Arsenal striker have a big problem with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang’s poor form, discipline issues and disappointing performances. While Enkethia has never been where he expect. Or it could be as good as five years ago when he score twice in the Carabao Cup under Arsene Wenger.