Ince reveals Man Utd players should replace Harry Maguire

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Ince reveals Man Utd players should replace Harry Maguire.

Paul Ince , former central breeding material of Manchester United. Analysis firmly that Harry Maguire should be stripp of the captaincy and hand the armband to Scott’s Mac Tomi Ney enter. take the role

“I have to admit that this season. Harry Maguire has not perform very well. When the situation is like that The supportive captaincy puts so much pressure on him that it will be difficult for him to come back stronger,” Insy told UFABET.

“And while the team has just replaced the new manager. So I think it’s the right time to give the Manchester United captain’s armband to another, more suitable player to take on the burden.

“It’s important, who is the player most suitable for this important role in the team? Many people may think of Cristiano Ronaldo because. He is the oldest and returns with a legendary degree at the club. But if I were Ralph Rangnick, I would give the armband to Scott McTominay instead.”

“The main reason is The team captain should be the one with the most consistent form of play. Which we saw that McTominay can do it and the world of football. Even if you are 25 years old, you are already mature and have more than enough time to grow up.”

“We don’t know how long Ronaldo will be with this team. With the age of the name that the truth must have enter the wilt Plus his form of play is not outstanding. What’s even more impressive is the goalscoring record. But if you look at the overall picture and the importance it has for the club in the future, McTominay is clearly a better fit.”