Brentford shirt sales soar 30 times after Eriksen’s transfer

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Brentford shirt sales soar 30 times after Eriksen’s transfer.

Premier League rookie Brentford have said their shirt sales have continued to skyrocket following the signing of Christian Eriksen on a short-term contract until the end of the season.

Eriksen 29 is set to return to professional football again. Counting from the unconscious in the middle of the game against Finland national team At the Euro 2020 tournament. Before his contract with Inter was terminate on the grounds that Serie A players were not allow to play in the Italian professional leagues, Players equip with defibrillators were not allow. Previously Eriksen travel to get fit with his former team Ajax Amsterdam in the Netherlands. It was some time before he was finally sign with Brentford. Which made him the hottest player ever to join Brentford. Making his debut in the Premier League. club history

His transfer had an immediate effect on shirt sales, with the UFABET reporting that orders for Brentford shirts with Eriksen’s name came from 21 countries around the world within 24 hours of the transfer. Announcing the signing of the contract is complete. 30 times more than usual, breaking their record for shirt sales. And orders have come from South Korea, America, Australia as far as in Greenland. While in his hometown of Denmark, shirt sales have been very popular. It’s no different in England where Brentford fans support one another.