Arsenal interest in loaning Atour for Juventus

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Arsenal interest in loaning Atour for Juventus Solve the crisis of lack of central

Arsenal are interest in Juventus midfielder Atour Melo. after losing three midfielders in January 2022

Two midfielders Thomas Patey and Mohamed Elneny have already play in Cameroon’s Africa Cup of Nations. And will miss Arsenal’s games throughout January. While the team decided to release Ainsley Madeland-Niles. To work with AS Roma on loan already. According to the wishes of the players who need more time on the field Recently. The team had to lose Granit Xhaka was quarantin because of the Covid-19 infection. This makes the team only Zambia Logonka is the only midfielder in the first team. And it takes young players to join the team to play with many people.

According to Sky Sport Italia, News sponsore by UFABET Arsenal are interest in a loan deal for 25-year-old Atour Melo, who is his replacement. “Bianconeri” this season, however, the situation of Juventus this season is not very good. Both in terms of performance and finances. Which they may not decide to release the players. which is also part of the team away Despite not being the main character of the team, Artur has only played 11 games for Juventus this season. and only started playing 4 games

Arsenal have been link with a number of midfielders. Including Giornigio Wildnaldum, Atur Melo, Danilo and Olympique Li’s Brazilian midfielder Bruno Gumares. Yong, who has been followe by Arsenal since his time at Atletico Paranase, before joining Lyon in 2020.