Gamecock sports, local gambling to online gamecocks internationally

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Gamecock sports, local gambling to online gamecocks internationally

Gamecock sport is a folk sport. That many people are probably well known. It has long history and the most famous one in the Ayutthaya period. With raising chickens to compete widely in fighting cocks, as well as being King Naresuan’s favorite pet. Make money from playing the entrance is:  ทางเข้า UFABET

Until it has become a sports game in the online world that web casinos that offer football betting, boxing betting, are adding a service called online gamecocks to make it fun and can make money for many players.

If talking about the fighting chickens that people bring to raise are strong fighting chickens There are only a few popular species. It depends on how skillful the developer of the chicken breed is and can maintain a tough breed to build on to the next generation or not. Because not only placing gamecock bets online As much as this can make money, but the gamecocks can still make a lot of money for the owners of the champion breeder chickens. Because just the size of chicken eggs can sold up to 3,000-5,000 baht.

  • Burmese breed100% Burmese chickens are small, weighing about 2-2.5 kg, with small faces, a straight ridged mouth, thick crests, thick wing pads, small shins but quick to hit, accurate hits, high spurs, are fledgling chickens that rarely fight. due to its small size Often like to trap the second kick and wait for the moment, which is very accurate, accidentally kicks the opponent blind But the small Burmese chicken, when faced with heavy impact, may give up and run away at all. I don’t like chickens that burrow. I can’t find them either. Because they like kick a match rather than being buried under their wings. Therefore popular to be cross with other species 
  • Kaigon or Saigon
    It is a fighter chicken from Vietnam. It is tall, large, thick skinned with intense red color, fierce eyes, and has great stamina. Hit hard because the big ones tend to hit the body. It’s a gamecock with no style, focusing on hitting hard, hitting hard and not very smart. Therefore popular to be mix across species as well. Most of them are popular to mix with Burmese chickens to get intelligence and hit hard. Call the breed developed as Burmese gon.
  • Wild roosters or wild koiIt is a fighting cock with wild chicken descent from Lao Pa Koi District. Uttaradit Province is small, smart, agile, fierce, can peck anywhere without letting go. The size of the Burmese chicken still has to be acceptable. Currently brought to raise and develop the breed to be bigger, kick harder because the koi wild chicken is small but has a mind to fight without giving up. Smart is the number one.