“Limestone in the inner ear” disease hits working age

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Advise people to take care of their health and get enough rest. To prevent the risk of calcification in the inner ear.

What is tartar in the inner ear?

Added that Inside the inner ear is a spiral-shaped organ. Controlling balance and hearing In the balance organs there is fluid and calcified deposits moving around. to perceive head movements When there is a cause for the limestone sediment in the said liquid to fall from its normal place ยููฟ่าเบท https://ufabet999.com/

Causes of limestone deposits in the inner ear

from deterioration with age Accidents, especially head injuries or accidents Repetitive head movements, such as working on a computer screen, needing to bend over or cleaning that requires frequent bending over will cause the said limestone deposits to fall off. and sends signals to the central nervous system and can induce dizziness that can spin up Patients with this disease usually do not have tinnitus or ringing in the ears, numbness or weakness of the limbs, or slurred speech, loss of consciousness or fainting, unless there are other diseases as well. There are many methods of treatment. both drug treatment and physical therapy If symptomatic treatment and physical therapy was ineffective. Your doctor may recommend surgical treatment only if necessary.

However, there is no specific drug for treatment of plaque in the inner ear. and because it is an incurable disease Even after treatment until the patient no longer has dizziness But the patient may return to have symptoms again. Therefore, health care get enough rest and exercise regularly will make it far from this disease and if found that there may be symptoms mentioned above Should consult a doctor for further treatment.