Antihistamines. Eat and feel sleepy?

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Antihistamines. Eat and feel sleepy? In fact Antihistamines can divide into two large groups. That are drowsy after taking (1st generation antihistamine drug) with a non-drowsy. Many people are prescrib. When they have a cold, stuffy nose, runny nose, and may receive different. The doctor may ask us if we want without drowsiness. So that after eating, you can continue to work. Although there is a chance that non-drowsy will cost slightly more than oral anti-drowsy. but in the latter Therefore, we receive that were not drowsy after taking.

However, there are some people. Who avoid getting treatment for insomnia properly. then turned to buy antihistamines to eat and make me sleepy will be able to sleep. Because can be easily purchased by yourself at various drugstores. Unlike sleeping pills that require a prescription from สมัคร ufabet

Oral antihistamines Are there any side effects?

Oral antihistamines May cause dry throat, dry mouth, constipation, palpitations, and if glaucoma patients may cause symptoms to relapse

In addition drugs that should be used only when absolutely necessary. If anyone takes oral and is sleepy for a long time May cause drug resistance as well.

Can taken by all genders and ages, is it true?

For antihistamines that are drowsy after taking (1st generation antihistamine drug) because it is a drug that has quite obvious side effects. both affect the nervous system restlessness, palpitations, hallucinations, hot flashes, or seizures in young children Therefore, it is recommended to take non-drowsy antihistamines. To treat allergic reactions such as rashes, allergic reactions, and hives because they have fewer side effects.

Why do so many people still take drowsy?

Because it is easy to buy, cheap and effective faster. That do not feel sleepy after taking but even though it acts faster But the drug will act for only 6 hours, so you have to take it 3 times a day. In addition to being effective for nearly 24 hours, it has far fewer side effects.

Even if it’s just an antihistamine that doesn’t seem life threatening. But drug resistance is not a small matter. and taking antihistamines to treat insomnia It is also the misuse of drugs. So if wanting to be cured from insomnia It would be better to see a doctor to find a treatment that matches the actual symptoms.